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Diesel Engines Generator Sets
We can supply and / or install new or refurbished Diesel Engines to suit customer requirements. Various coupling arrangements such as Fluid Drive, Carden Shaft and Flexible Gear Couplings can be accommodated and we have workshop facilities to deal with Crankshaft Polishing, Cylinder Liner Honing, Hydraulic Pressure testing etc. We can supply and / or install new or used Generators rated between 5 kVA and 2MW ranging from a Single phase, 110V Manual Start Set with Mechanical Governor in Acoustic Canopy to a Three Phase, 11KV Set with Automatic Mains Failure starting and Electronic Governing. Choose the options and we'll do our best.

Spare Parts Servicing
We can supply new or reconditioned Spare Parts worldwide for various diesel engines and auxilary equipment from stock or within the industry. Parts for Mirrlees, English Electric, Blackstone or Ruston engines can be supplied and Part Numbers are used for reference only without intending to imply that all parts are necessarily from the original engine manufacturer. We have regular Servicing Contracts with military, Local Authority and Industrial installations for Diesel Engines, Generating Sets and Compressors within the UK and are willing to discuss further contract opportunities.

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